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Onta Air Services offers air travel, vacation packages and shipping services. We can transport you almost anywhere in the world and provide safe shipping of goods from your doorstep to your destination of choice.


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 Onta Air Services organizes shipments to almost every country in the world. And we’ve partnered with over 15 airlines and cargo shippers to ensure that whatever size of package, wherever you are located will be secure from our first point of contact to delivery at destination.

We work with every size of company, government department and international non-profit. And we work in any industry: manufacturing, construction, technology, consumer staples, materials and more.

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If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the value of an experienced travel partner who can help you take the work out of booking and managing your travel needs. If you’re looking for flights or a vacation package that includes hotel, transportation to and from the airport, and excursions in country, we can assist you.

We work with the world’s largest airlines, so, if you’ve always dreamt of going to a sunny destination, spa resort, wine tasting tour, cultural tours or historical sites, we can provide full itineraries at competitive prices.

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